Wednesday, 28 April 2010

D&AD Cakeface Fundraiser

Nia and myself organised and ran a cake stall in MMUnion to raise money for our degree show. Myself & Nia baked cupcakes, fairy cakes and rice krispie chocolate nests. Nia & Helen made easter cards, Caitlin made lemon cake, lemon cupcakes and a chocolate cake, Molly made some chocolate cupcakes, Jo made some pretty vanilla cakes, Emma made some cute easter chick and bunny rise krispie cakes, Stacey made some hand made chocolate treats and of course Belle made some absolutely delicious chocolate & fruit brownies, what a babe. 
Almost everything got sold and we made over £110 which was a cracking (oh lord) contribution to our degree show funding. Many thanks to those who contributed their homemade goodies.

Our stall:

The poster I designed to advertise our fundraiser. Illustrations by Miss Nia Banwell.


  1. nice t know i was remembered...:(

  2. OH MY GOD. it's because I was remembering who'd done what by the pictures. :(

  3. ha. the addition of 'absolutely delicious' totally made up for my prior missing