Thursday, 10 December 2009

Johnny Hardstaff

I loved Johnny’s sketchbooks, full of drawings and ideas, which looked like a work of art in itself, leading to the development of his infamous animation of “The History of Gaming’. It mesmerised me how he’d graduated without any software skills yet managed to make this retro animation just by using Photoshop.

What caught my attention in this talk was when he questioned how orthodox we are as designers and how we're playing it too safe and don’t have fun with what we do.

A topic he raised which I found interesting was about ‘corporate manipulation’ with a fine example of a Whisky advert. 

One of my favourite pieces of Johnny's work is the orange 'paint pouring' advert and how this is also very much centered around 'corporate manipulation',  showing us how Orange as a Service Provider can give to consumers so much more which is uncontainable. 

You should watch this - amazing attention to detail.

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  1. Jonny Hardstaff is a lecturer at my uni. His sketchbooks are annoyingly good.