Thursday, 6 May 2010

Bryan Edmondson

Graduating from Newcastle University in 1992, Bryan co-founded SEA Design in 1997, a multi-disciplinary design consultancy specialising in brand identity. It was interesting to see what inspires Bryan – simple yet strong messages. He showed an advert from the 50’s consisting of a close-up of an old man’s face eating a chocolate bar, he said how it was an unforgettable advert which inspires his work.

I find his approach to design inspiring; my favourite project he’s worked on is the identity for G.F Smith paper merchants, such a simple idea of photographing ink dispersing in water to promote paper with it’s vivid colours, love it.

Another project he worked on which I found really interesting was a limited run of an issue Grafik magazine where they randomly chose colours and screen-printed the front colour so each was unique, an interesting concept for a mainstream design magazines. 

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