Sunday, 21 March 2010


Helen, our class rep won us a place at Noiselab in the heart of Manchester to run a 5 day exhibition for our final year. 'Panic' was our theme to respond to and the only other restrictions were that work had to be A2 minimum but we could look at moving image if we wanted to.
I decided to make this work personal to me, and to reflect the way in which I panic; which is silently, it often goes unnoticed as I'm quite reserved. When I panic I freeze up, seeming calm but on the inside manic thoughts are running through my head.
I then began to think of how I could represent this visually using typography, how to portray calmness with inner panic. I came up with 'PEACE AND NUMB INACTIVE CALM' and highlighted the letters which spelt 'PANIC' within this phrase. Then came how to tackle the visuals, what colours to use etc. I already had the set knowledge that I knew I wanted to screen-print the poster, and thought printing white on white or experimenting with gloss would be interesting to represent the invisibility of my panic.

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