Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Morag Myerscough

What I loved most about her work was her use of large lettering and the fact she hand painted most of it herself to keep costs down. All of her work was interesting but my favourite was the ‘branding’ for Westminster Academy School in London, I love the rich colour scheme and think the bold use of typography for the signage is beautiful and makes a statement within the school. She mentioned how the design of interiors changes people’s attitudes toward a particular space as the students at WA haven’t vandalised the building but respect and admire it. 

Running her own studio since 1993 and only working with a few people, Morag’s been really independent and successful, though she did stress how successful collaborative work can be, even working with non-creatives, ideas spark and can be bounced off around the group. All in all was a really interesting lecture, shame it had to be cut short and a great insight into creating and building exhibition spaces.

^ No confusion as to which floor you're currently one with this beast, keeping in sync with the building by using the concrete and not purposefully blocking it all out. 

She has a very distinct style about her work, bold, colourful and playful, which I love. 

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