Monday, 18 January 2010

Personal Project

For this personal project we are encouraged to write our own briefs, I don't really enjoy self-directed projects because I can never think of any and prefer working to meet demands. Not enough briefs to choose from... I thought I'd read every brief by ISTD, RSA, Roses, YCN & D&AD. Wow, a lot of briefs, I've chose D&AD's Don't Panic brief to create an image to represent 'resistance.' It's really open and you can do absolutely anything, which is fun.

At the moment I'm liking the idea of humans resisting death and the medical life saving equipment they use. "Defibrillation" - the electric charge which starts the heart again...sometimes, yeah I might actually research this first.
- Life saving equipment everything from oxygen masks / defibrillators / syringes / needles / scalpels / stitches / morphine / anesthetic / chemotherphy the fight against death, resisting nature.
- Immunity / vaccination is also an interesting subject, the natural & man-made forms of fighting antibodies & disease.

The brief encourages us to exit our 'safety zones' and as it's stated an 'illustration' brief, I'm going to draw, first time for everything [I suck at drawing.]

My idea led to this poster, I wanted it to be open to interpretation and look gruesome.

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  1. This is really good Laura. I hope your proud of it x