Thursday, 10 December 2009


I signed up for this workshop because I’d been engrossed in the silence project for too long and needed something different to focus on for a while, to have a break and hopefully find new inspiration. I didn’t think I’d enjoy walking around taking pictures and gathering information, yet Katrina and I found interest in things we see daily. The main thing I enjoyed looking for was grid structures in things like architecture, gates, pavements, road markings and so on and thinking about how this could be used in creative practise, as a starting point or even an abstract magazine grid. I’ve made a decision that from now on if I’m feeling uninspired or lost in a project to just go out for a wander with my camera, sketchbook and pencil gathering information on anything and everything, which I find interesting.

I think John’s idea of ‘letting work find it’s own way’ is a good motto to go by sometimes and to just experiment and not think about a final piece.  

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