Friday, 11 December 2009

Stonewall Brief

Saw this brief on our uni's intranet and thought I'd give it a go seeing as this idea popped into my mind. 

The brief is to design a postcard to encourage people to vote in the upcoming elections. It should appeal to a wide range of people including young people & professionals. 
Stonewall is the leading national charity campaigning for equality for lesbian, gay and bisexual people across britain and their aim is to combat homophobic bullying in schools.

My first idea was a similar idea but using the word EDUCATE, this didn't work visually and when I thought more about it, conceptually didn't work either. ENGAGE works in both ways visually and conceptually, allowing me to highlight 'gay' within it to raise interest and the word engage alone, I feel is a powerful inviting word.
Engage means "To carry out or participate in" - This links both to having a vote and voicing your opinion, and I feel would engage both straight and homosexual people

Stonewall's previous & current campaign:
Very blunt, bold & attention grabbing, it also has a humorous element to it which is probably the reason it's a successful campaign. I didn't want to use the red because I thought it would just look like an imitation or another design under the same campaign, I wanted something fresh & new. 
I used blue & pink on my design to reflect gender stereotyping and pink has to be the gayest colour there is... on the back I have used the phrase "Come out and have your say," obviously linking "come out" to homosexuals coming out the closet. I think I need to work on more information on the back of the postcard but so far I'm happy with it. 

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