Wednesday, 16 December 2009


This YCN brief was to use typography across any medium to explore the possibilities of meaning behind the LBi name. Acronyms can be dull and confusing; LBi stands for Lost Boys international but what else could it stand for? Whatever I decide LBi stands for, it has to be fresh, engaging and entertaining. With this in mind I researched LBi as a company and further thinking led me to take this as a branding brief rather than a 'typography brief' as it was stated. 

My first idea came from directly linking the imagery to typography using the idea of the formatting of text. From here I played with different acronyms which I thought portrayed LBi as a company. 

Alas, an idea I can work with. Although in it's early stages I decided to take 'Luminous Bright ideas' forward and create light bulb packaging as a promotional 'direct mail-type' device [with thanks to Belle for sparking the idea]
With wise words from Ian Anderson in mind, the idea in itself isn't 'radical' which means I need to execute this really well and push it further to project a more cohesive message. The message I'm trying to get across is using the energy saving light bulb because it connotes:
  • Bright ideas
  • The clients save their energy because LBi do all the hard work
  • Eco-friendly
I like idea of creating a limited edition run of either 50-100 which would be screen printed and labelled 1-50W. Could I show the energy of ideas? In terms of a 1W idea being utter shit and 50W being amazing? 

This is just something I created on initial the hand-in morning, not on brief I just liked the idea of the logo. I do waste my time.

Drawing a load of light bulbs up on illustrator to push my idea further...
The light bulb itself is cliche, but what if I show a massive range of light bulbs?


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