Thursday, 10 December 2009

Helen Murgatroyd

Helen definitely has a unique way of working, which I found really intriguing, as it seems that she does work for herself and not to please anyone else, which is nice to see also she has a clear style to her work, something I think I’m generating. She came to speak to us about her time at MMU and progressing to study at the RCA in London and explained how the gap between MMU and RCA where she worked as a post lady got her back into drawing.

I found the mapping work she produced while studying D&AD the most interesting and purposeful because I can clearly see where she began, developed to what she produced which was more engaging for me to see than her more experimental work she is currently doing. I see myself as a more of a commercial designer, I’d rather work on answering a specific, concise brief then experiment and ‘find myself’, that’s where I see myself in the future at the time being.

My two favourite pieces are her food preparation maps and the mapping drawings of her home from a person’s point of view. Her work is incredibly personal and beautifully crafted it makes me wish I had more patience with hand-made projects.

If this lecture was meant to help us decide if we wanted to study a MA after graduating then I guess I probably wouldn’t, it’s just not for me, I think I’m almost ready to jump into the world of design and gain experience that way I feel it would be more beneficial to me.

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