Tuesday, 11 August 2009

PC to Mac

Thanks to my lovely friend Nia, I got a job in a pub in Deansgate with her during my second year's last term. This was the only reason I could afford to buy a mac. I was getting really desperate because my PC was beyond shit, crashing all the time, making it really difficult to actually do simple things on it. Obviously I took major advantage of the student discount available from apple welcoming a macbook, free printer and ipod touch into my life :)
I've got everything on it I need, and in the coming few weeks I'm going to attempt to teach myself (with a little help) how to make websites, before basing my dissertation on them. Not quite sure how yet...
From now on I'm going to stop being so damn lazy. 
I've got a new job at Clarks which is going to take up a lot of my spare time but I'm desperate for money. In the process of leaving my current job because it's terrible hours and denies me of a weekend. 

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  1. you're welcome. haha shame mines decided to crack on me!