Friday, 27 February 2009

Ting Tings Paint Party

Myself and a few others from my class were asking by John Walsh to work behind the scenes at Adidas Originals Ting Tings paint party.
The work during the day was quite dull but it was fun seeing how it all came together, the tasks were:
1. Sticking white record sleeves on the wall.
2. Sorting out tracksuits, hats and show protectors into drawstring bags
3. Sorting out paper bags with paint and markers in them.
4. Setting the bar up - I certainly helped drink it!
Myself and Ashleigh's job was the sorting of tracksuits, which was actually extremely stressful. There was a massive team of
people helping out but it was scary how much we were relied on to sort all the bags of tracksuits. As a whole the day was cool seeing how
a music video comes together, and it was nice working as a valued team member, we got to join in with the paint fight which
was absolutely crazy, and with a free bar... can't complain!

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